*Growth Opportunities for Brands Today- Published in March 2012- In this
document, we seek to highlight what other companies are doing to
successfully drive sales and profit growth.

*How Retailers Can Measure the Value of Social Media- Published June
2012- This white paper provides different methodologies for measuring
the impact of social media on your business.

*Case Studies Featuring Our Results with Large Retailers- Published in
July 2012- This document highlights the ways in which we have
quantifiably impacted the results of several large retailers.

*Email Append Overview– Published in August 2012- This white paper
provides an overview of email append services today and the pros and
cons to consider.

*Summary of Promotional Opportunities– Published in September 2012- This
document is a quick summary of all the different types of promotions we
see today and the business objective and impact of each promotion.

For a copy of the white pages, please contact Kuan Gethers