1. We have virtually zero client attrition

2. We host an annual Client Marketing Summit attended by over forty top brands

3. We work with 85% of the catalogers in the home decor/furnishings market

4. Our strategic services team has executed over 400 consulting projects for multi-channel retailers

5. We publish a quarterly report that includes industry benchmarks, trends and economic overviews by market

6. We are responsible for more than $750 million in ad spending

7. 40% of our account management team are former brand marketers

8. Our entire founding executive team in 1997 still runs the company

9. We have enough talented musicians to comprise our own full band

10. Our leadership team (Andy, Donna, Polly and Heather) consists of someone who had received a scholarship to art school in Rome; someone who was on the high school equestrian team; someone who produced a movie starring Meg Ryan; and another who can shoot 19 out of 20 clay pigeons in a row with a shotgun.

Can you guess who’s who!?